Travel Diary


Lisa Curry's Aussie Road Trip - Thursday, April 11, 2013


What a great visit to Bendigo! Full house for my speech with 160 people turning up to hear the simple answers to a healthier life. 

Thanks go to the Bendigo Council, The Capitol Performing Arts Centre, Paul from A-Line Caravan Park and Tony And Michael from Prestige Jayco for helping to organise our visit and supporting us. 


Star FM

It was great to meet Al and AD at StarFM and thanks for making us the worst coffee EVER! Guys, seriously bad! Joel decided to buy them some new coffee so their next guests could have a nicer coffee.

We came into the studio again, made a coffee with the new coffee and it still tasted aweful!!!!

I knew there was something wrong, I know what coffee tastes like, so went and checked it the jug..... Omg!! If your jug has seen better days, do yourself a favour and chuck it out!!

Life is too short to drink terrible coffee!!!


We also met the gorgeous Beck and Cougo and had a great radio segment with them too. Thanks 3BO.

A big thanks to everyone who came to participate in my workouts. 2 great workouts in the park with a few little hills jogs… most people surprised themselves and actually jogged more than they thought they could. It was a very empowering time for some. 84 year old Jack came along to my seminar to learn more about staying healthy and then came along to my workout to “keep himself fit” !!  Watching Jack participate was fantastic and proves you’ve never too old or young to get outside and move. Even little 4 year old Morrison joined in too with mum…great to see. 




After the sessions we have “story time”… great readings from one of my favourite books.

Another highlight was having a paddle with the Dragons Abreast team. We helped raise $3000 for them by having our “Lisa on Loan” concept mentioned on radio. Instantly we had 2 businesses call up and offer to donate money in return for me coming to work in their business.  Lyndon and Tara from SUPABOX donated $1000. In return, I took 2 classes for them at their gym which was so much fun.

Bendigo Bank also donated $2000 in return for me coming to their branch to eat pink cupcakes with the Dragons Abreast ladies…. I love my job! Thanks to Café Essence and for donating the cupcakes.

Thank you so much to Bendigo Bank and Supabox, helping the Bendigo community.

Thanks to the Bendigo Advertiser who ran 3 stories on my visit … helping to get the word out on the simple answers to a healthier life.


One last BIG thankyou goes to Prestige Jayco for helping us fix our motorhome…. Ummm we may have forgotten to bring the awning in as we left early one morning…. The tree is fine.


Check. Double check. Triple check…..


Great visit to Bendigo…keep up the great work everyone.

Just done it!


Eat clean, stay lean.