Travel Diary


Lisa Curry's Aussie Road Trip - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

On our way to Bairnsdale, we stopped off in Lakes Entrance and had a meet and greet with the locals organized by Kris. 

Thanks Kris, we really enjoyed our stay in Lakes and thanks to Waters Edge Caravan Park for putting us up. Great park, friendly people and central location.


We had a great training session on the beach. It was a gorgeous morning and just a bit cool, so ideal for a workout. Some of the ladies only walk for their exercise so to complete this workout was a great achievement. Many of them don’t even jog, but not only did they jog UP the sand hill, they did it 8 times! Well done!!



Joel was happy, he was lucky enough to snag some great sunnies from Terry at Sandbar Surf Lakes Entrance 


A great stay in Bairnsdale saw us holding our training sessions at the BARC (Bairnsdale Aquatic and Rec Centre) and my Motivational seminar right next door at the Forge Theatre. Big thanks go to the council for helping us organize venues and also to Tony Clarridge for sponsoring my Motivational seminar. Tony is on the board of the East Gippsland Sports Foundation. The foundation started years ago with the main aim being to assist local athletes realize their sporting potential. They’ve been able to help so many young athletes and hats off to a great organization!


Tony spoke at the opening of my presentation explaining the Foundations philosophies, followed by the Owner of the Jayco dealership in Bairnsdale, Paul Gunther. Thanks to both of you for your support.

Of course without Jayco, we wouldn’t be able to do what we are doing. Paul and Joel picked fresh grown cherry tomatoes from the Jayco vege patch… they were really yummy in our salad. So when you buy a new Jayco, you also get cherry tomatoes!


As we travel around, I get to meet many people who I have befriended on facebook and twitter and of course those people who have joined the KiSS Club. It was great to catch up with Rodway Wolfe…my FB and Twitter buddy…great to meet you Rodway!


3 workouts and a bunch of motivated people! A few wobbly arms and jelly legs made for some great workouts. Lauren, Alana and Kylie…nice work ladies... keep it up! Yasmin, who won my 10 week KiSS Club program at the seminar the night before did a great job, as did Peggy, Paula, Maree, Mick, Matt, Nina, Tara, Jess, Casey, Kelly, Lisa, Melanie, Phil, Sue and …… oh, I try and remember as many names as possible… I’m pretty good, but I know I’ve missed a couple!!


I met the young swimmers from Bairnsdale…little champs!


For my own exercise we walked the 5.4k pathway around Mitchell River, contemplated jogging it, and did, and then biked all over town.


Did a session in the gym too! Ouch… been a while since I did gym.


Lots of bunny wabbits around the caravan park, can you see the bunny under the Jayco?


We also had our first ever game of archery at the Family Fun Park. Rio here I come with a bullseye on my first try!!


On our way out of Bairnsdale we stopped at the local school, Nagle College, and had a chat to all the students. We spoke about healthy lunch boxes, after school snacks, the importance of breakfast, sleep, exercise, self esteem, and looking after yourself. They were great and were very enthusiastic.


All in all a great visit to Bairnsdale and thanks to everyone who came to be a part of our Aussie Roadtrip! J


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Thanks Lisa the best seminar ever! Inspirational interesting motivational well done J


Hey Lisa, thanks for the great workout this morning at Bairnsdale, look forward to more of the same for your couples work out tomorrow morning


What a great inspiration, you were tonight Lisa , thanks for sharing your story with us, I'm sure your encouragement , will do wonders for me .


Thank you for stopping off in Lakes Entrance! Thoroughly enjoyed this morning’s workout!! Thankfully we turned up the nice weather also!


Well done last night in Bairnsdale, after Lisa's presentation I went straight to the supermarket and bought a rainbow of fruit and veg, I have about 13 weeks until I turn the big 40 I'm planning on doing Lisa's 10 week programe so i'll not only look but and feel fabulous at 40!!!


Awesome Tabata session with the fabulous Lisa Curry , thanks for a great session , cant wait for the seminar tonight :) ....oh and btw my arms feel like jelly but that’s good I guess lol


I saw you tonight in Bairnsdale. I just wanted to thank you.

I found your talk inspiring, and after tonight I'm 'back on the bandwagon'. I've just begun full time work for the first time in years, and I'm finding it a challenge. I've completely thrown in the gym, and my eating is for sh#&*! But after tonight, I feel inspired.

I've scheduled my lunch break tomorrow for goal setting and making a plan.