Travel Diary


Lisa Curry's Aussie Road Trip - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

4 days in Moree, a great town with even greater people.

Firstly, thanks to Suzie Treloar for helping to organize our visit to Moree…you were amazing. Thank you so much.

Angela Mullins

People asked why I chose Moree to visit…. My friend and fellow swimming teammate from the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games, and 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, Angela Mullins, lives in Moree and, as it was on the road to Melbourne (for the caravan and camping show with Jayco),  I thought it may be a nice place  to visit and catch up with a friend. We had a great catch up and met her gorgeous family including her little “Joey” who I was happy to feed.


Moree Aquatic Centre

Moree has a fantastic Aquatic centre, a beautiful new 50m 8 lane pool, kids play pools, water slide, thermal pools, sunning areas, recovery pools, massage pools, relaxation areas and fully equipped gym….. a centre that  would make any town proud. 

Walked into the foyer and saw a picture of myself and my daughter from the Commonwealth Games where we won the 4 x 100 freestyle relay with Angela, Karen Van Wirdum and Susie O’Neill.


It was a chance for a meet and greet. Was so good to catch up with 10 week KiSS Club members Rob (lost 9kg), Flo (lost 7kgs) and Anna (lost 6kgs)…all this lost in just 6 weeks…well done team!

Training Sessions

3 training sessions in front of the "Jayco Rig" saw us have 40 - 60 people per session and I was able to show them simple and effective ways to train to burn maximum amount of calories in minimum amount of time. My training sessions are a combination of  hard work, focus, and fun. Every session was fun and there were a few wobbly, jelly sets of legs, but everyone had a great time. Also, had a special training session for Moree Council CEO and staff…… loving their training session!

Motivational Seminar

The free motivational talk saw 120 people turn up to hear me speak on a range of topics, which included motivation, dedication, sacrifice, the importance of teamwork for family, sport and business, the importance of self-management including time-management, stress release, goals, exercise, nutrition and weight loss and balance between work and family. I take the confusion out of weight loss and exercise and I know people in Moree now understand what food and movement does to benefit a healthy strong body. Thanks to David for welcoming me to Moree.

Remembering  “Nancy”– and anything is possible…. 

Gwydir Caravan Park

I need to keep up my own training while on the road, so we did a training session on the beautifully manicured lawns of the Gwydir Carapark and then finished off with a soak in the thermal pools…. Very relaxing.

Moree Boxing Academy

I also did a boxing class with “Chalkie”…a great session which I’m still sore from 2 days later!! It’s nice to be told what to do! Joel got a smashing from one of the guys but loved it….he’s still sore too!

The secret to success…….do what your coach/trainer  tells you to do!

The Mayor

We had lunch with the Mayor, Katrina Humphries…grilled barramundi, salad and some home made apple pie to finish off. Thanks Katrina…….yummo!


Charity - Gwydir Industries 

Joel and I also helped raise $3500 for charity… much needed funds going to local charity Gwydir Industries, a workplace full of passionate and beautiful people.  Thank you to Col from Dippers Home Hardware (he made me wear a bikini, so I made him go topless too!), Pete from Kenway & Clark (drove a really big tractor) and Col from Thomas Lee motorcycles (I’ll buy my first Harley from you guys!)….

Col took us for a surprise visit to meet Danielle, a young woman who works at Dippers Home Hardware. She was seriously burnt in an accident and is now recovering at home. Danielle is a champion cowgirl, and we wish her a speedy recovery so she can once again get back on the horse and pursue her dreams. It was lovely to meet her family as well.

Keep up the great work Moree…… train smart, eat well, see and feel the benefits.

All the best to Ro for her next boxing comp, and also a special shout out to Casey…you know what you need to do…. Go Anna Go…..Andrew, keep doing what the girls tell you to do….. Reece, good job buddy………And to all the other lovely people who came to see me and train with me.

Thank you for being part of my One Life, One Chance, One Roadtrip.

Pass on whatever you learnt to the people close to you…

You can do it.

Be great and make everyday count.


Lisa x