Travel Diary


Lisa Curry's Aussie Road Trip - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We drove from Moree through to Melbourne for the Caravan and Camping show, and was great to catch up with Gerry Ryan and all the staff from Jayco.

There were so many great caravans and motorhomes to choose from… so it doesn’t matter what your needs are – you certainly will find something. Caravanning is such a great lifestyle. It’s amazing how many caravans, motorhomes and caravan parks you see once you have one yourself. It’s a great lifestyle that’s for sure….so many people say “one day” I’ll do that, well, don’t leave it too long…. Just make it a priority and work towards “living the dream”!

The greatest benefits are that you can park anywhere and enjoy the magnificent views, have some nibblies and move on.

We also caught up with Aaron Martin who took off 25 kgs on my KiSS Porgram. Aaron was in a boating accident and broke his pelvis, leg and arm. He said if he hadn’t been 25kg lighter, he may not have been able to react as quickly and jump out of the boat as quickly as he did… we don’t want to think of what may have been if he didn’t make it….

Training Session 1

Thanks to the staff at the David Collins Leisure Centre for coming in early to open up for us. Sandy, Miranda, Genevieve, Deb and Sandy…was lovely meeting you all and I hope you enjoyed the workouts.

We started off explaining the difference between different levels of walking up to running. Not everyone can run, or should run. So the progressions were explained and everyone can now adapt to their own level of fitness.

We focused on technique, attention to detail, posture and intensity. These training sessions are more than just training, they are fun, motivating and from everyone’s feedback, they seem to reignite motivation and passion. A huge positive!

One of the ladies admitted she cried all the way to her first session as other people made her feel like she wouldn’t be able to do it…and you know what – she did – and she did great!

You only need one person to believe in you and that person … is YOU.

Motivational Seminar

The free motivational seminar at the Pelican Park Recreation Centre at Hastings was a huge success with plenty of laughs, some tears, and lots of giveaways. 120 people turned up to hear me speak on a range of topics, which included motivation, dedication, sacrifice, the importance of teamwork for family, sport and business, the importance of self-management including time-management, stress release, goals, exercise, nutrition and weight loss and balance between work and family. I take the confusion out of weight loss and exercise and I know people in Mornington now understand what food and movement does to benefit a healthy strong body.


The feedback I’ve had has been truly humbling and I thank everyone for coming and I know everyone enjoyed the night. If you are reading this and you know someone in the towns we are visiting next (Bairnsdale, Shepparton, Bendigo, Ballarat, Cmperdown, Portland), please let them know how much you enjoyed it, as I won’t be back through these towns again and this is a one off opportunity to hear me speak.

I also met some cute kids who also enjoyed the night. So no matter who you are or where you’ve come from, there is a message for everyone. Thanks Mornington for a fantastic night. Remembering  “Nancy”– and anything is possible…. 

Training Session 2

Phil won the free training session at the Motivational Seminar and he brought along his lovely wife Melanie. Phil himself has had an amazing journey and he was very loving and sincere with his comments at the end of the workout… a little tear came out!

A great workout from everyone – oh what a feeling!!

 Radio 3RPP

Thanks to all from 3RPP radio station for having Joel and I come in to see you. We had a great time with Peter and Brittany, cheeky Bob and Babe Jude, Neil and Dolly out at the cricket and John. The best part for me was giving away a weekend holiday for a family who has been going through a few tough times… it’s nice that companies can help people who are finding life a bit of a struggle.

Another highlight for me was having John play Joels 2 new songs on radio…gave me goosebumps!

Tuesday sightseeing

Walking around Mornington, we met the artist of the little girl posting "Letters". Gwen Bridges Mulder, commemorating the 150th anniversary of Mornington Township (1861)

We had a swim to knee deep water (got colder with every small step!), had a lie in the sun, scooted around on the Vespa and enjoyed the most amazing tapas at Harbor Restaurant…yummmmmmy. It’s worth eating well and light “most of the time”, so we can enjoy real yummy food and a wine!

We went to Portsea and nearly got blown off the top of the hill, then went to Sorrento for a drive,  found a spot right at the beach to take in the view (might have had another wine!)

We drove the Jayco up to Arthurs Seat and stopped at the lookout for sunset … a benefit of having a mobile home!

Training Session 3

Last training session was a partner session. Training with someone can be so much fun and much more motivating as you push each other. It’s nice to share the experience!

All in all a great visit to Mornington with loads of happy people. Read some of their comments below….

Remember… you can do it!

Be great and make everyday count…

Lisa x


Lisa S

An awesome , humble woman indeed.

Trained with Lisa Monday, today and tomorrow. Attended her seminar for motivation and other things - truly Inspired! Spending time with her as well….Life is good !!


Stacey C

I have not felt this inspired from listening to a speaker in a longggggg time. I travel the world as a speaker and get to listen to quite a few and I must say nothing in this world inspires me more than listening to someone who has the ACTUAL runs on the board and who HAS achieved their dreams. I have never once left a gig and felt this inspired before.


I went to see Lisa Curry's presentation last night and this lady is TRULY a goal kicking, committed, focused, walks her talk AMAZING, HOT lady!!


I took away many GOLD nuggets and mostly about "life". One thing I talk about in my presentations is "YOU are the only person who can create success". Lisa was saying how many coaches and mentors she has had in her life but in the end the gold medals were up to her and her own mindset to go and get them, LOVED that.


If you get the chance to go and hear Lisa as she travels around Australia, do yourself a HUGE favour and spend the hour and half listening to her.


I am more pumped than ever to begin my 60 day challenge in April (I was pumped yesterday but after last night I am even more pumped, just wished it was beginning now LOL).. This challenge I am about to embark on, as Lisa would say its not an "interest", it’s a "commitment". She says when you want something REALLY bad, a person that achieves their goals and is successful is "committed", and a person who thinks about it and talks about it but does nothing about it is only "interested" hmmm where are YOU with your dreams???


Anyway I had to share as I have not stopped thinking about your presentation Lisa and that is not normal for me ha ha, not many people have that effect on me and I want to say a MASSIVE thank you xxx


Ps You look STUNNINGGGGGG and I hope when I am 50 years old I look as hot as you ha ha!!!


Emma W

I had such a fantastic time this morning Lisa! I can't wait for tonight & tomorrow and

I'm seriously thinking of giving your 10 week kiss club a go!