Travel Diary

Training the Mayor

Lisa Curry's Aussie Road Trip - Thursday, February 21, 2013


An invitation was given to the Mayor of Toowoomba, Paul Antonio, to have a one on one session with me, which he gladly accepted. As an ex footy player and track sprinter, he knows the value of hard training and the benefits of an active lifestyle. As Mayor, his days are long and busy and he sometimes finds it hard to find the time to look after his physical health. We did a half hour session to reinforce the benefits of staying healthy, fit, strong and flexible. He remembers how good it feels and I’m going to send him some training sessions he can do from home plus walking each day to clear the head and stay creative. I mentioned that if former Prime Minister John Howard could always find an hour a day to walk, than anyone can!

Radio host 4GR’s Lee Falkner also joined in for the session. Lee himself has had the lightbulb moment of changing his life, and has taken off an incredible 40 kilos so far…good work Lee, keep it up!