Travel Diary


Lisa Curry's Aussie Road Trip - Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Victoria, NSW, and South Western Qld…done! 48 towns visited so far with another 10 north QLD towns on the way up until Christmas. We have had so many people attend the seminars, workouts, swim clinics, schools and community visits, and have had amazingly positive feedback on every visit. People are getting fitter, losing weight, having light bulb moments and changing their lives….

This is exactly what our mission is… making small daily lifestyle changes to make a massive difference. It all starts with the first step.

Make sure you come along to one of my seminars, even if you have to drive a bit to get there…you will not be disappointed. We’ve had people drive hours to come along and even changed their travel plans to attend. Some people come to a couple of towns (Val holds the record at 4!) Every visit she said she learnt something different and of course the more workouts you do, the more you learn.

Remember, the workouts are for ALL levels, so even if you haven’t participated in any exercise for a long time or even at all, let me show you how enjoyable it can be.


Here’s a quick summary:

Sharon from Walgett has had the biggest weight loss 30kg!

Corrine from Ballarat is a close second at 29kgs!  WOW

Casey (Moree), Colin (Roma) close third on losing more than 15kgs.

Tenterfield holds the record for the most people in one session…72 !!

Kyogle and Moree a close second with 63 and 60.

Longreach holds the record for the hottest workout….whew….

Horsham was the coldest outdoor workout…brrrr

Texas we nearly froze in the Jayco (I forgot to close the window…wondered why it was so cold!)

Been bogged once, one flat tyre, one ripped awning.

No animals have been hit on the road by us (fingers crossed)

Bumpiest road was out to Birdsville.

Completed my first cooking demo at Farm Fantastic in Caboolture


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Stay Healthy…Keep Moving!


Lisa x