The One Life One Chance Aussie Roadtrip

It’s time to change the state of the health of our nation.

With obesity the single biggest threat to public health in Australia, and the leading cause of premature death and illness, it’s time for drastic action.

And this is why Lisa Curry and her One Life, Once Chance Aussie Roadtrip is visiting regional and rural Australian towns and giving locals the chance to talk and work with her one on one.

In each town there will be a range of activities including community training sessions and a free public seminar, “A Night with Lisa”, where you will be shown how to lose weight, get fit and improve your health, anywhere, anytime and on any budget.

A renowned triple Olympian, popular personality and businesswoman, motivational speaker, author, elite coach, personal trainer, TV and radio presenter, former Chairman of the National Australia Day Council and mum to 3 children, Lisa is an outstanding Australian success story.

Best known for an international swimming career spanning 23 years and placing her in the top 25 swimmers in the world, Lisa also coached the Riggeroos outrigger team to 4 World Championships in Hawaii, the first Australian team ever to do so in the history of the race, and was the first Australian ever to win the Hawaiin Moloakia-Ohau 66km solo race.

Following a major personal health scare, Lisa set about regaining her vitality and zest for life with her trademark determination, focusing this time on improving her exercise regime and diet.

Believing that many people want to make a similar change in their lives but are confused about where to start, Lisa’s passion today is to inspire others through her own experience. She has a unique and powerful message to share with other Australians, to encourage them to improve the quality of their lives through sensible weight loss and exercise and to reverse the growing trend of increasing levels of obesity and heart disease in both children and adults.

Stressing the importance of physical health and personal happiness for effective life management and balance, Lisa practices what she preaches and her message is for everyone.