Stacey C

- Mornington

I have not felt this inspired from listening to a speaker in a longggggg time. I travel the world as a speaker and get to listen to quite a few and I must say nothing in this world inspires me more than listening to someone who has the ACTUAL runs on the board and who HAS achieved their dreams. I have never once left a gig and felt this inspired before. I went to see Lisa Curry's presentation last night and this lady is TRULY a goal kicking, committed, focused, walks her talk AMAZING, HOT lady!! I took away many GOLD nuggets and mostly about "life". One thing I talk about in my presentations is "YOU are the only person who can create success". Lisa was saying how many coaches and mentors she has had in her life but in the end the gold medals were up to her and her own mindset to go and get them, LOVED that. If you get the chance to go and hear Lisa as she travels around Australia, do yourself a HUGE favour and spend the hour and half listening to her. I am more pumped than ever to begin my 60 day challenge in April (I was pumped yesterday but after last night I am even more pumped, just wished it was beginning now LOL).. This challenge I am about to embark on, as Lisa would say its not an "interest", it���s a "commitment". She says when you want something REALLY bad, a person that achieves their goals and is successful is "committed", and a person who thinks about it and talks about it but does nothing about it is only "interested" hmmm where are YOU with your dreams??? Anyway I had to share as I have not stopped thinking about your presentation Lisa and that is not normal for me ha ha, not many people have that effect on me and I want to say a MASSIVE thank you xxx Ps You look STUNNINGGGGGG and I hope when I am 50 years old I look as hot as you ha ha!!!